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The MyBikeCounter platform was developed to automate the process of assessing bicycle, scooter, and pedestrian traffic levels whether it is a dedicated cycling path, trail, or mixed traffic types.

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Unique design for your city

Long-life LED displays, including ambient light compensation

A variety of sensors to measure the ambient environment

Mounting options to cover all varieties of deployments

A Data-Driven Approach to City Planning and Management

The versatility of MyBikeCounter to better track bicycle, pedestrian, automobiles and scooter traffic is a powerful tool for your future urban planning. This data-driven approach will enable you to convert real-time data into planning and infrastructure decisions that will enhance everyday life in your metropolitan areas.

A Powerful and Flexible Solution

MyBikeCounter is more than a standard counting solution. The powerful system includes traffic types analyses for bikes, pedestrians, electronic scooters, trolleys, and more. It is also enhanced with variety of environmental sensors to capture additional data as well as optional modules such as speed limit detection so city planners and managers can ensure safety.

Flexible, Versatile, and Expandable

The customizable MyBikeCounter dashboard combined with the capability for third-party integrations ensures the platform can meet your unique needs. Not only can you easily collect data from a variety of points with your greater metropolitan area and visualize it centrally, but through third-party data integrations, you can create a single, holistic view of your city.

Installation is possible immediately after unpacking without the need for manual interventions in the existing infrastructure.

The data collected by the MyBikeCounter system adheres to all GDPR requirements and standards.


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